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How Do We Truly Maintain Faith in the Face of Adversity?


“And we Know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28


One of the most well known promises of God Contained within His word, is that God himself makes all things work together for our good. That’s definitely the truth, however the harsh reality is that there will be times in our lives when things aren’t going so good for us. What are we to say? What are we to do then? How should we respond?


In this book, Dr.Johnny L. Magee, Jr. will share nuggets from Romans 8.28 that will be simplistic but very informative, and insightful. They will empower you to maintain your faith in the face of any, and all adversities and adverse circumstances, or situations in life that you may ever encounter. it’s time for you to start getting excited about your ability to look good when things look bad.


Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr. is the pastor and Founder of “THE HOUSE” Church; a thriving, progressive and multi-ethnic ministry located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Known for handling and teaching the word of God with integrity, clarity and hilarity; he has become a sought after speaker for seminars, and conferences. He’s beens joyously married to his lovely wife, Lilliette for 34 years, and he’s a proud father of two children, one daughter in love, and two grandchildren.

How to Look Good When Things Look Bad eBook

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