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Did you know that nearly 3,850 to 7,700 congregations close their doors every year? That means that it is a startling 75-150 congregations closing each week. But why are so many churches closing shop? While there are many variables that must be factored into the demise of a church such as a lack of vision, a lack of growth, a lack of finances, the pastor leaving the church, or perhaps due to the untimely or unexpected death of the pastor, perhaps one of the major reasons for many of these ministries faltering and failing is that they were never genuinely called by God to be established.


In this book, utilizing the pericope of Matthew 16:18, Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr. reveals three major principles concerning the type of church that Jesus is building. As church leaders, it is critical that we not only be 100% sure that God has called us to build Him a house (church), but that we also follow His principles, precepts, and patterns in doing so. After all, Jesus is the Head of the church and knows exactly how it is to be built, so let Him build it (Psalm 127:1).

Let Him Put It Together: The Church that Jesus Builds

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